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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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provide attacks n hispanics in southeast altimore. hear from one of the recent victimm of crimes first on fox. heated protests at ground 0, over plans to build a mosque just blocks away. why both sides say they won't back down. a chance of rain to start the work week, but then cooler temperatures roll in. when they'll get here in my skywatch forecast. live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 44 news at 10:00. hhllo. i'm jennifer gilbert. one man is behind
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>> every day. >>reporter: saturday night 19-year old holly for the % assault on raez. they're calling the homicide a "hate crime. " so far no arrests have
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been made in at least four other attacks that have taken place in this neighborhood. hispanics are being targeted, but why? was targeted two weeks ago. he was shot eight times. >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: one bullet pierced a kid dee. another went through his right arm. now >> the police department is not here to lock people up or check
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immigratton status. we nned the commuuity's help in fiiding out why this population may be targeted. >>reporter: but still, most are fearful and don't speak engliss. many we talked with wouldn't go on camera. >>reporter: they just hope the violence stops. like police, they believe it is an act of hate, at leass in ramirez's case. the culprit didn't try to steal a thing from him. -p>> no, nothing. >>reporter: as for the one suspect in custody tonight, police say that he confessed, stating he hates hiipanics. police say he may have mental issues and was off his medication. court records show he has a criminal history that includes assault, robbery and drug charges and he was arrested earlier his year by a city police fficer with a hispanic name. live in southeast baltimore tonight, mmlinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00.
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another hispanic crime victim in southeast baltimore has died from his injuries. a man shot in the head on august 13th along lynn lynnwood avenue has died. police believe a teenage girl shot him and another man during a robbery attempt. a man is shot in southwest baltimore early this morning. it it happened around 1:00 a.m. police say a man was shot in the arm and stomach. he was taken to a nearby hospital in critical, but stable condition. pollce are investigating after a body is found in north baltimore. the gruesome discovery was made along east 25th street near gillford avenue around 7:30 tonight. detectives are investigating. one person is taken to the hospital after an assault at the detention center downtown today it. happened around five: 15. it was a fight between two inmates. one was taken to the condition. o word on his several inmates are out of the hospital after a violent fight at the brokkridge
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correetional facility. several inmates were stabbed friday night when fights broke out. none of the inmates were seriously hurt. other prisoners are now in the proccss of being transferred to other facilitiee. a three-year old boy drowns% while on a fishing trip with his dad in d.c. the boy and his family were having a picnic and they were fishing when the boy somehow ended up in the river. a rescue worker from arlington found him, but was unable to save his life. >> it was just a tragedy. the family lost their three-year old son. that's an incredible loss. >> this particular site has been the spot of three drownings. officers were called to the home around 7:00 this morning. there they found a two-month-old girl dead. there were no obvious signs of trauma, but the death is being investigated as "suspicious."
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convicted sniper won't talk about claims that he had other victims scattered across the country. during an interview for a speciaa on a&e, he said thee shot 42 people, but police say he won'tt alk to detectives or llt them talk to a to 27 shootings, including ten fatal shootings in the d.c. region in 2002. he is serviig a life sentence in virginia. mohammed was executed last yeer. the family of a former marine, who was shot and killed outside of a baltimore city nightclub is making sure his -pmemory remains alive. myrand stephens has more on how they're cclebratiig his life in a very big wwy. >>reporter: it was like any other celebration, except at
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>>reporter: the party included a birth cake for brown decorated with butterflies. it has a special meaning. >> i got in the car one day and there was a butterfly in the car. i had a personal
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>> he's here. it's sad we can't celebrate with him, you know, but it's a first and many more to come. >>reporter: myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> he pleaded ot guilty to first-particular murder charg!! charges. f convicted, he could face life in prison. so far so good for the ravens in the preseason. they turned in a convincing joins us with more. bruce? m >>reporter: a nice performancee by the ravens. they would have likeed to give up a few less passing yards and have a few
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less turnovers. that's a very encouraging sign. the biggest and most exciting play of the night came in the second quarter. he headed upfieed. goes 51 yards. from there he took it in for a toochdown. the defense pretty much held the redskins off the scoreboard. second-year man jason phillips -- recovers the fumble as the ravens roll to a 23-3 victory. >> all three quarterbaccs played well. young guys made catches. dante passed back after the one fumble and made tremendous catches. obviously special teams good across the board, coverage and returns. >> much more onnthe ravens. the orioles closed out their series with texas and we talk with stallworth in our expanded sunday night edition of "sports
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unlimited" after this newscast. a big mix of rain, clouds and sun to end the weekend. >> looks like we saw a day full of clouds. earlier on heavier showers. that made way for breaks in the clouds. a relatively decent afternoon. we have some residual showers that are possible as we go through the late overnight and potentially tomorrow. we're % going to continuu to see showers retract back behind the systemm there's a potential for rainnpossibly as we get in to tomorrow. 80 in baltimore. 8!$ 80 in d.c. things are going to cool off the next couple of days here. the potential for a few spotty showers as we get in% tomorrow. i think you're going to like this seven-day forecast. i'll show you that coming up in just a bit. >> school starts tomorrow in anne arundel county. someekids get an extra day of summer vacation. tomorrow is the first day of school county
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wide, except for 18 schools. they'll open tuesday because of construction delays. 15 elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools are effected. for a list of those schools that aren't opening unttl tuesdayy go to this is andy from brooklyn. forget about it. >> protest over the proposed mosque near ground zeer -- 0. find out why one lass trip
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narrator: a local entrepreneur had an idea for a new neighborhood business. and with help from small business loans sponsored by governor martin o'malley, arrow bicycle shop opened its doors in 2008. this governor gets it. it's our job to give maryland businesses the tools they need to grow and create jobs. narrator: now, arrow bicycle shop is making main street stronger... selling bikes and creating new jobs.
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o'malley understands what a business like mine needed to get started. narrator: martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. thousands gathered to say that a proposed mosque is too close to grouud 0. counter protesters show up callinn that attitude "hateful." e have more on the divide between those on both sides of the heated issue. >>reporter: standing in the rain for hours, hundreds protest against the planned mosque in the islamic community on others not to as well. >> can you hear me, obbmaa this is andy from brooklyn.
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forget about it. >> (unintelligible). >>reporter: on the nearby corner, somm -- two groups with opposing ideas, each flying the american flag. >> what better way to bring peace to this country and to this neighborhood than to be able to bridge people -- the muslims who are ere did 23409 attack us on 9/11. >>reporter: the wife of the mosque leader says the opposition has moved beyond religious iltolerance of muslims and is -- bigotry. >> it's hate offmuslims. we are deeply concerned. reporter: the proposed space inside a former burlington coat factory would house a swimming pool, auditorium and meeting place, as well as a place to pray. for some who lost relatives, the idea is too painful. >> i don't feel that it's morally right and ethically right to put a mosque here
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where my brother was killed. open-minded about possibly
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new rules for credit cards. still ahead at 0:00, why you'll probaaly see lower fees and fewer of them starting today. another big year gets even bigger for betty white. the % latest award that she can add to her collection, cooing up. o7รณ?wow
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it was kind of a weird day weather wise. we had a little bit of everything. >> yeah, a little bit. itt started out with cloudy and rain. then it broke up and turned out to be aafabulous day. you will see that tomorrow, but maybe not as much as rain. it will be scattered, isolated showers. for the most part, looks like we'll see a pretty decent day as we head
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through. these will wrap around and this will give uu a the day tomorrow. the rough potential is there to get shower activity. off to the west over parts of indiana, ohio, mmchigan, relatively clear. that's going to come our way later in the week. our future scan showing otential for shooers. still a little instability in the atmosphere over the midatlantic. it looks like it will get better as we get down the road. 83 with sun and clouds. winds out of the west at 5 to 10. around the central portion of the state, temperatures at 81 with the slight chance for fray showers. we'll see a better chance for a few rain showers over the mountains. 74 degrees. a slight chance for a stray
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shower tomorrow. temperatures 81 degrees. your seven-day forecast showingga cooldown. only 74 possibly on tuesday. % wednesday we rebound back too82 degrees. from that point on, it's going to get -- in to the weekend. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, mid to lower 80s with lenty of sunshine. a% enjoo. jennifer? t out and big changes for credit . cards take effect today. 3 c1 credit-carr companies have new -prules about late harges. fo the most part they can only be $25 now. they can only charge penalties once a billing cycle. new rules eliminate fees if you don't use your credit card often enough. a great year for betty white just keeps gettiig better. the newest -- the 88-year old gets to put on her >> now you can dress just
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well, betty white has had quite a yeer and it just keeps getting better. she won an emmy last nighh for hosting "side night live." she got the award at the creative awards ceremony held a week before the main show. this is white's 5th emmy award. there is now some
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super cute clothing for fox's pega-hit show "glee." gleeks lined up at macy's ho help the cast launch their new clothing line. the stars of the show posed for pictures and signed autographs and talked about what it is like to haae their own fashion line. >> "glee" apparel is available exclusively at macy's. september 21st at 9:00 on fox 45 right here. the ravens win their second [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel.
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